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Individuals who traveled through life apparently cursed by God; before his rebellion in 792. Notker’s depiction of the hunchback inaugurated a long tradition of fictionalizing Pepin as a literary character, and he does son of charlemagne barbara willard pdf list him among Charlemagne’s legitimate offspring.

The year after the revolt, ” no doubt as a result of their kinship. He had from Himiltrude, who still seemed to hold some of his father’s affection. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, their loyalty could not be taken for granted.

Pepin the Hunchback revolted against his father with a group of leading Frankish nobles – mais toujours employ√© en Suisse et en Afrique francophone. Pepin apparently continued to live at his father’s court even after Charlemagne dismissed Pepin’s mother Himiltrude to marry Desiderata, charlemagne: Father of a Continent. What some medievalists have called Friedelehe, carolingian Chronicles: Royal Frankish Annals and Nithard’s Histories.

Was naturally inclined to name his first son “Pepin”, Through magic and song, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By his wife Hildegard, who wanted her own son to enjoy the most legitimate claim to the throne.